Being a Vegan Wedding Guest: Issue 3

We had the absolute honour and luxury of attending Tom’s sister’s wedding at Fairyhill in the heart of the Gower of Swansea. Fairyhill is an absolutely stunning venue surrounded by so much natural greenery.

Hannah, Tom’s sister, and her new husband, Jonnie, are both vegan too so it was a fully vegan wedding which was great! When they were planning their wedding, it was important to them that the wedding be fully vegan and the team at Fairyhill were more than happy to help make that happen.

Getting Ready

As you’re all very aware, I love my beauty products so I’ll throw in a quick section here of what I used on my face to get myself wedding ready…

My dress is a Chi Chi London dress I bought on ASOS and the floral hair clips are from Accessorize.

The Venue

Fairyhill is absolutely beautiful. The night before, we stayed in a lovely modern cottage only a short drive from the venue. Fairyhill is tucked away in a little corner of the Gower so is very private and hidden.

Jonnie and Hannah

The ceremony and the wedding breakfast is held in the Kaleidoscope room (Garden Room) which stuns with gorgeous panoramic views of the forestry around it.

At night, the building is lit up beautifully in colour and is gorgeous and incredibly atmospheric.

There are also rooms available to stay in at Fairyhill if you are a guest of the Bride and Groom. We had the pleasure of staying in one of their rooms. The bed was incredibly comfortable and the convenience of being able to stay on site was a luxury. They put on breakfast in the morning which was lovely and we got to wake up to this gorgeous view…

The Food

I sadly came down with a migraine during the wedding breakfast so I wasn’t able to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the festivities with all the guests.

Tom, being the gem that he is, brought up my food for me to our room. The staff offered to take it up for me themselves but Tom declined the offer as he was keen to check up on me.

Even though my head was pounding, I was still able to enjoy the food. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food. The polenta chips were delicious and the pesto pizza had a vegan parmesan which had plenty of flavour. There was a stuffed mushroom to start but I forgot to photograph it and I didn’t particularly enjoy. The sticky toffee pudding was sooooo good and baked to perfection. I personally would have preferred custard to ice-cream but still great either way.

Tom had a cauliflower dish to start which he said was banging. He had a miso ramen as his main which was flavourful, but the ribbon noodles had disintegrated a little which made it a little more difficult to eat.

In the morning, a breakfast buffet was laid out and there were vegan sausages, hash browns, mushrooms and beans. They also have various fruit and cereals, and also soy milk for the teas and coffees.

Tom and I

Everything was amazing. Hannah and Jonnie planned an absolutely beautiful day for the gorgeous floral arrangements to the music played through the evening. It was such a pleasure to be a guest and the fact that all the food and drink there was completely vegan was so great.

It’s helped me and Tom decide to plan our wedding, so we’ve booked Oldwalls in the Gower which is the sister venue to Fairyhill! We’re very excited and I’m sure over the next year and a half, I’ll be posting a few wedding planning posts!


Being a Vegan Wedding Guest: Issue 1

I recently had the pleasure of being Maid of Honour at my best friend, Sarah’s, wedding. As the bride is my best friend, she is fully aware of my veganism and did her best to ensure that I was catered for.

As the title states, this is simply Issue 1. 2019 is an incredibly busy year and I have 3 more wedding ceremonies to attend, with an additional wedding reception in between!

The day was spectacular. The venue was gorgeous and has some incredibly stunning views. The ceremony and reception were held at The Barn at West Farm in Southerndown.

The Bride and I

The wedding breakfast was well catered, even if there was only 1 option, but I guess that’s standard in most places. Guests were able to choose from a menu in advance, but our vegan option was vague. It ended up being:

  • Starter: Houmous
  • Main Course: Butternut Squash Risotto
  • Dessert: Vegan Cheesecake

The food was lovely enough and very well presented. The houmous starter was rather boring but the houmous tasted lovely. I really enjoyed the butternut squash risotto; the added balsamic vinegar on top really enhanced it. And finally, the vegan cheesecake was lovely. The groom tried mine to compare with his non-vegan cheesecake and he claimed the flavour was the same and that the only difference was the texture. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the evening, we were provided with a vegan pizza option which made Tom really happy. It wasn’t put out on the buffet table to ensure that no one else casually picked up our food, but we were able to ask for it from the kitchen when we were ready for it.

Additionally, they had a sweets table and made sure there were vegan sweet options there too! We could choose from flying saucers, jelly tots and various Swizzels refresher bars which were recently made vegan too.

This was the first wedding I’d attended as a vegan. Tom had attended one of my other friend’s wedding a few years ago as a vegan and he wasn’t particularly impressed. He only had a stack of grilled vegetables for dinner and a fruit platter for dinner.

Tom and I

Sarah and Liam did a wonderful job of catering for us and I’m so pleased that they did. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we wish them all the best in their future together.

Thank you for catering for your only vegan friends!