Slab: Artisan Fudge

I’m very much a consumer and when we accepted a neighbours delivery of fudge (identified by the Slab artisan fudge tape), I was incredibly jealous. When I popped round to drop off her parcel, she informed me very casually that they also did vegan fudge… This was the beginning.

I very shortly after went to the Slab website and was greeted by a lovely homepage that listed items in their shop, which included the 4 Slab Surprise Gift Box – Vegan.

Delivery was a bit slower than I anticipated but nothing that I couldn’t live with and it did arrive well packaged. I lifted the lid and was informed by a sticker on the inside of the packaging telling me how the packaging was eco-friendly and compostable!

Inside the outer cardboard box was a beautifully packaged green box filled with delicious, delicious fudge…

From left to right: Choc Toffee, Raspberry & Coconut, Classic, Tiger Butter.

Each slab is labelled and marked with best before dates. They also have a QR code that you can scan for a full ingredients list which I thought was quite cool. Not ideal for those who aren’t tech savvy though.

I tried the Tiger Butter slab first which intrigued me as I wasn’t sure what flavour it would be. It was my favourite. It was chocolate and peanut butter flavoured, and as a big fan of peanut butter, I was surprised and delighted.

Coming in at a very close second was the Chocolate Toffee slab.

The fudge was great. I don’t have a benchmark with other vegan fudge, but comparatively against non-vegan fudge, it was exactly the same. The texture was the same and the flavours they sent were amazing.

You can browse and buy the full range of vegan fudge at this link. They’ll make the perfect gifts for any fudge lovers.