Men’s Vegan Grooming Gifts

As a woman, it can be difficult trying to find good gift sets for men. The market is definitely catered more for women than it is for men. I did a spot of shopping a few weeks ago and was inspired to write this post based on what I saw!

Here’s just a few recommend brands and products and if I come up with some more ideas, I’ll make sure I write another post.


So when I was wandering around my local Superdrug the other day, I was enticed by their Christmas section and also pleasantly surprised. I found a few of their own brand men’s gift sets which were lovely and also very reasonably priced!

If you’re unsure what to buy for someone, a gift set like this is a great alternative as they usually contain useful things that they are likely to use.

What’s also great about Superdrug is that their items are clearly labelled vegan which makes it much easier to shop.

Browsing online with Superdrug has also become so much easier as they have a vegan Christmas section which you can find here!


Manmane are a completely vegan brand that sells male grooming products. We’ve seen them at vegan events around the country before, and being welsh myself, it’s nice to support local business!

Tom loves their products. They’re high quality and there are so many different options.

I highly recommend taking a visit to their website to have a look at the products. A few include: bread oils and balms, soaps, perfumes and candles.

If you have a bearded loved one in your life, you should absolutely check out Manmane for their products! They make wonderful gifts and they’ll be hooked going forward.

Maria Nila

This one will be a short one but I do have to rave about it. Maria Nila sell vegan wax grooming products that are perfect gifts!

Tom has always really struggled to find good hair product for his hair type. He’s got fine hair but a lot of volume.

I took a punt and bought him the Maria Nila Gneiss Moulding Paste. He absolutely loves it and can now style his hair properly without the unnecessary gunk of product all over his hair. And an added bonus is that it smells great too!

Self Care Sundays: Issue 2

Welcome to another issue of Self Care Sundays. I took a beat after a long week of work and treated myself to a relaxing bath and face mask.

Here are the products that I used this week:

Before moving onto the products, thrown into the picture above is my Spectrum Kind Cup which is cute and small; perfect for a cup of tea. It’s made of polypropylene which is also widely recyclable so when it’s worn down, it can be recycled!

Also, the best chocolate around, Nomo Chocolate. Available in Tesco stores, my favourite is fruit and nut but they have other flavours available too. Vegans out there who haven’t tried this chocolate yet really need to! You’d never know any different, it’s so good!

With those bits over, let’s move onto the skincare products…

Lush Face Mask: Cupcake

So, I’ve actually had this Cupcake face mask from Lush sat in my fridge for months. I hadn’t used it until last week but it still smelt amazing.

The mask was interesting. The smell was lovely, but I found the texture strange. It was easy enough to apply and wash off, but I didn’t feel like my skin was any better for it.

I don’t think this is something I’d recommend. Lush do have plenty more face masks so I’m sure I’ll be trying one of those in the future, but Cupcake won’t be one I’ll be buying again.

Lush Bath Bomb: Snow Fairy

As always, a bath bomb is necessary during one of my self-care sundays. I love a colourful bubble bath and the lovely smells.

This week was the Snow Fairy bath bomb which I believe is a Christmas special, and likely to have been hanging around in my secret stash for a while.

Snow Fairy has a gorgeous sweet smell to it, and I love a bright pink bubble bath. There isn’t much else going for it except for the gorgeous smell but that’s more than enough for me!

Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal Masque

Finally, I’m going to tell you about my favourite product this week which I’ll definitely be using regularly going forward.

In the first picture on this post is the Maria Nila Head and Hair Heal Masque. I actually received a full sized tub of this in a vegan Glossybox I ordered months and months ago. I’ve written about Maria Nila products before, you can find the post here.

This hair mask is absolutely incredible. It smelt truly amazing and was easy to put on. The texture was thick and creamy, and ran through my hair beautifully. I left it on for the recommended 10 minutes.

After I finished my bath and dried my hair, I was left with a gorgeous, frizz-free mane! My hair smelt incredible for days afterwards and it was left feeling the softest it’s ever been.

I highly recommend this product. It was nourishing and really did leave my hair and scalp feeling refreshed.

Maria Nila Stockholm

My best friend, Emily, is a serial subscriber to beauty boxes. She often gets cruelty free and vegan samples which she gives to me (because she really is the best). One day, she gave me a little gift bag full of goodies which included mini travel sized vegan shampoo and conditioner. Little did I know that this brand would change my haircare routine forever…

When browsing in my local Sally Beauty store, I came across Maria Nila again and I thought the branding looked familiar. It took me a while to register, but I took the plunge and treated myself to a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil.

Before turning vegan, I was a loyal user of TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes in Resurrection. It revived my hair after colour damage and smelt amazing. I thought I would never find anything to replace it, and along came Maria Nila. I purchased the Heal Shampoo and Conditioner to help with my itchy scalp.

The product was great quality and it smelt incredible. My scalp felt amazing afterwards and the dryness was removed after only a few uses.

Shortly afterwards, I started using the True Soft Argan Oil. It was bought to replace the Moroccan Oil that I always used to use. I use the Maria Nila oil it in the exact same way that I used Moroccan Oil and it’s a perfect replacement. Again, the product smells amazing and the ends of my hair remain frizz free for the foreseeable future!

After all this experimenting with shampoos and oils, I decided to venture further out and I purchased the Autumn Red Colour Refresh. It even came with a set of free gloves to protect my hands!

The photos above are of the product itself and a little selfie of me with my freshly dyed hair the next day (no filter!).

Colour Refresh is not a permanent hair colouring solution. It is semi-permanent and I used it purely as a top-up on my faded hair colour as it needed a bit of pop. It was easy to use and quick to apply (only 10 minutes). I washed off my hair and dried it and it was like I had a fresh new dye. The colour didn’t fade anywhere near as quickly as I anticipated and it’s in a nice easy to use pump bottle.

If you’re looking for a vegan haircare replacement, I highly recommend Maria Nila. Although on the pricier end of haircare, it is most certainly worth it. As I keep mentioning, the products really smell amazing, they’re highly moisturising and they’re honestly really worth it.