Harper’s Candles August Box

For those of you that may not know, Harper’s Candles are a vegan business that make vegan friendly scented candles. I discovered them when they were travelling for vegan events up and down the country and their scented candles stood out from anything I’d ever smelt before.

Recently, I found out they offer a subscription box! They offer different levels of subscription boxes at different prices, but I decided to opt for the regular subscription box. They are delivered every 2 months.

The regular box contains a mix of goodies as you can see from the picture above. There are different sized candles, tea lights and a wax melt.

First impressions, I was ecstatic. The box was a little brown parcel filled with beautifully personalised labels and amazing scents. I was like a kid at Christmas. Scented candles make me unnecessarily happy!

They all smell amazing, but my personal favourite is the Hygge wax melt. Ever since it arrived, it is always melting in my living room. It’s a gorgeous, soft, sweet smell that fills the room with subtle fragrance.

I have Karma in my office which is a really musky scent which is really nice and calming when I’m working.

I honestly couldn’t recommend these subscription boxes enough. This is only my first one but I already can’t wait for the second one in October. The scents are so lovely and they’re so different to what you normally see on the shelves.

If you’re after something different or even a special gift for someone you know, I highly recommend Harper’s Candles!