Vegan Perfumes for Summer

Before I turned vegan, I never really put any thought into my cosmetics and even when I started to transition into cruelty free, hair products and perfumes were the ones I easily forgot about.

Perfumes are things that most people are likely to forget about, and people are generally very scent loyal. I know I definitely was!

My current perfume collection is small but consists of some gorgeous fragrances, as well as some minis that I’ve been sent through from my Cruelty Free Beauty Box subscriptions in the past.

My favourite of the set is my Eden Perfume in 67. It’s the cruelty-free equivalent of Prada’s Candy and it smells exactly the same. Eden Perfumes are based in Brighton and have a gorgeous store there. I had the luxury of visiting on a hen weekend in February and there are so many options. Their replicas are fantastic and I believe they have their own fragrances too.

I have a mini Saint perfume by Kat Von D Beauty which I received as a sample when I bought some other products. Again, all vegan and cruelty-free and it smells lovely.

The 2 that I received from the Cruelty Free Beauty Box are the xoxo perfume oil by Medusa’s Make Up and Tisserand’s Happy Vibes Roller Ball. Both have very different smells but both are roll on perfumes which I love and find easy to apply. I actually find they last longer than a spray perfume but I can’t say whether that’s because of the quality of the product or the application.

There are plenty of vegan and cruelty-free fragrance options out there so make sure you do your research and more importantly smell test them!