Ambling around La Rochelle

I’m still trying to relive my Summer holiday before the Summer is over so here’s a short post on what’s in and around La Rochelle.

We drove from our campsite into La Rochelle. The car park we parked in was easy to get to and right next to the Aquarium which is very central.

La Rochelle is absolutely beautiful with so much history surrounding it. We came out from the car park and we had such glorious weather. It was a pleasure just to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere.

There’s a main high street with various well known stores such as H&M and Zara. More importantly there are 2 Sephora’s a few streets away from each other! Now we know not everything in Sephora is vegan but there are some cruelty-free brands and options!

After some more walking, we came across Bagelstein which had a vegan option. We didn’t try it as we already had other plans to eat but definitely worth a look if you’re after a good bagel!

As you may already be aware, we had a delicious breakfast at rawcoco. I blogged about it previously (which you can read here) and I recommend a visit. There’s plenty on the menu to choose from and I thoroughly enjoyed my matcha latte.

After some more ambling, we cam across an outdoor fruit and veg market outside what I can only assume was the main market hall in La Rochelle. There was plenty to choose from and even on a weekday, the market was thriving.

For lunch, we went to Gurou Street Food, which you can read my blog post about here. The burgers were amazing and the service was incredible. I absolutely recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

Along the harbour, there was a street market with various art sellers and jewellery makers. Everything was hand crafted and absolutely beautiful. It took everything in me not to buy everything I saw.

We finished the day off with some delicious vegan sorbet from Ernest le Glacier. Tom, as always, did all the research and found that most of the sorbet options were vegan. The only ones that that weren’t were chocolate. Tom went for blackberry and passionfruit. I had strawberry with fresh mint which was amazing and really refreshing.

I really enjoyed our day trip to La Rochelle. The french aren’t exactly renowned for being super vegan friendly but La Rochelle was a breath of fresh air with more vegan options than I expected.


Gurou Street Food in La Rochelle, France

When planning our trip to visit La Rochelle, Happy Cow is our biggest friend. Happy Cow will give you a list of the vegan friendly restaurants and shops in a given area that you search. Not only this, they also provide a list of places to avoid to! I highly recommend using it, especially in places where you’re unfamiliar.

Anyway, Tom found Gurou Street Food which was an all vegan restaurant. It opened at 12pm, so we got there just in time for opening. It’s a small restaurant down a quiet side street in La Rochelle, a short walk from the main street in La Rochelle.

We put our belongings down on a table outside under the shaded umbrella and walked inside. The waitress started speak to us in French and I immediately looked dumb-founded and responded with “Parlez-vous anglais?”. She then switched to fluent English and very helpfully started translating the menu for us and making recommendations.

I ordered the ‘Double Cheezy’ burger and Tom ordered the ‘Ultra’ burger. We also ordered a side of cauliflower wings and fries.

The double cheezy was a deep fried seitan patty with 2 slices of vegan cheese, BBQ sauce, salad and onions. It was incredibly large and very filling! The cauliflower wings were amazing and the fries were great. Tom’s Ultra burger was a veggie patty that he thoroughly enjoyed.

After our meal, we were so full that we almost forgot about dessert!

The window sill was lined with delicious goodies, which included: Chocolate and banana cupcakes, Carrot cake and Chocolate brownies. We took a box home with us and decided on the brownie and the cupcake.

The brownie was lovely. It was light and fluffy, not at all dense and filled with pockets of coconut. The cupcake was on another level. There was a pocket of melted chocolate inside and the top of the cupcake was nice and crisp, but the inside was soft and gooey. It was fantastic.

I can’t remember the specific prices for each item, but in total I spent around £42 for mains, sides, dessert and drinks for 2 people, so not at all unreasonable.

All-in-all, for those of you looking for a vegan stop-off in La Rochelle, Gurou Street Food is where you should be. The food is amazing and the staff were so helpful and friendly.