rawcoco in La Rochelle, France

Another one of Tom’s Happy Cow finds when we were on holiday last month was rawcoco.

rawcoco was very easy to find in the heart of La Rochelle so we popped in around 10:30am for some ‘breakfast’. I put breakfast in quotes because we had treats for breakfast!

We walked in and got ourselves seated and we started browsing the gigantic walled fridge full of food. There were so many different options, ranging from wraps, soups, noodles, puddings, fresh juices and many, many more.

The waitress spoke minimal, but sufficient English, much better than my equivalent French! She explained the wall of food and the drinks options on the back wall behind the counter. Additionally, most of the options are gluten free, except for the wraps. Almond milk was the milk used for their drinks.

I ordered a matcha latte and a chocolate pie. Tom ordered a regular latte and a lemon pie. I would have loved to have tried their chia pudding that I saw the label for, but sadly there wasn’t any on the shelf.

The drinks where lovely, nothing to write home about really. Just a standard almond milk latte. The chocolate pudding was delicious. So sweet but not sickly and I really enjoyed it. Tom loved his lemon pudding. I tried a little and it was so flavourful.

The side wall was covered in greenery with their logo emblazoned on top and it was beautiful. Clearly enough for me to take a picture and blog about it! They must also allow dogs inside as when we arrived, there was a small group with 2 small and very well behaved chihuahuas with them.

If you’re ever in La Rochelle, a visit to rawcoco is certainly a must. It’s a fairly small establishment, but the food options are vast and delicious. I’m sure there’ll be something to suit everyone!