Self Care Sundays: Issue 4

It’s been a while since I posted a Self Care Sunday post so apologies! It’s been a busy few weeks but I was finally able to take a beat…

Here are the products I treated myself to this time.

Lush: Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

I am a big fan of a bubble bar. Bath bombs are lovely and smell amazing, but bubble bars give you the same thing with all of the bubbles! I bought the Lush Unicorn Horn bubble bar a few months ago and finally got to use it.

The bubble bar was lovely and didn’t produce heavy amounts of glitter which is a positive for me as I don’t like coming out of the bath caked in glitter or shimmer.

It was lovely and relaxing, and as always, I highly recommending visiting Lush for all your bathing and bubble needs!

Superdrug: Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask

I’m not sure if I’ve written about this face mask before but it is my absolute favourite face mask. It is so refreshing and great for my pores.

It’s a Superdrug own brand mask and costs only 99p. It’s clearly labelled vegan which is great too. Here‘s the link to the product.

My only criticism of this is the packaging. I find these disposable packs really inconvenient and quite wasteful. I feel like I end up wasting product. I usually end up emptying it into a small Lush pot that I have spare and lying around to try and get the most of it.

PIXI: FortifEYE patches

Finally, I bought a new product the other day and have been using these on a few occasions, usually just when I’m sitting around watching TV.

Everyone loves an under-eye mask and these ones are great. There’s lots of pairs in the pot, but admittedly they are a little pricey. I managed to get these on LookFantastic with a discount code so it worked out quite well.

The reviews were really good and when I finally got them I definitely didn’t disagree. They were really easy to use and left my eyes feeling really refreshed. I do think that they’re lifting and firming well and I’m noticing the bags under my eyes less and less.

Don’t forget to treat yourselves every now and then because you deserve it!


The Flat Lay Co. Make Up Bag

Have you always struggled to find a cosmetics case that carried everything you needed in a small compact bag that will fit into suitcases and back packs?

I was the same. I have bought so many cosmetics cases in so many different shapes and sizes in an attempt to travel with my cosmetics more efficiently and in a more compact manner.

Thankfully for the glorious internet, I saw adverts and photos of what I can only describe as the amazing Flat Lay Co. Make Up Bag. I purchased one with high hopes from Amazon and I was not disappointed.

The concept of the bag is exactly as described. When opened up fully, the cosmetics case lays out flat. The main selling point of this is that when you’re travelling around the world, you simply lay your case flat to open up and pull the drawstring to close it up again. Essentially, there is no real need to take things ‘out’ of the case, meaning you never leave anything behind! A concept that I really love.

Not only this, there are also pockets and bands all over it for your bits and bobs and brushes. Pockets are featured on the outside of the bag, and also 1 on the inside of the bag. There are 8 bands for your brushes and other cosmetics. I usually squeeze a mascara or a lipgloss in there.

For the regular travellers out there, I really recommend The Flat Lay Co make up bag. You can put plenty of cosmetics in there and it does fold up well and keeps everything together. And the bonus of not needing to take things ‘out’ of the bag means that you shouldn’t ever leave anything in your AirBnb or hotel.

Vegan Love eyeshadow palette by KVD Beauty

As you may be very well aware by now, I am a huge fan of the Kat Von D Beauty range.

The limited edition Vegan Love eyeshadow palette is, of course, completely vegan and cruelty free. It’s full with 10 extremely vivid shimmer colours which catch the eye. As a bonus, 20% of the cost of the palette goes to the non-profit organisation ‘Mercy for Animals‘.

I haven’t yet used the palette on my eyes or face, but I’ve swatched it for you to trial the colours and show them to you guys on my skin tone.

From Top to Bottom: Mercy, Empathy, Equality, Sanctuary, Earthling, Liberation, Species, Sentient, Activist, Compassion

The only downside to this product that I can see is that some of the colour remains on the skin. I’ve simply swatched the product using my fingers, as suggested by the label, and I’ve been left with a green and red finger. I’m not sure what this would be like if left on the face!

The aside, my favourite colours in the palette are Empathy, Equality and Sentient. I’m generally a fan of more neutral colours but I’m sure I’ll find occasions to wear the more intense ones!

I really love this palette. The colours are amazing and the shimmer is surprisingly balanced (I thought it’d be a lot more glittery as opposed to shimmery). It’s bright and beautiful, and most importantly, vegan!