The Gel Bottle Mani and Pedi

I love a good manicure. I cannot stand to have bare nails. I have normally done my own nails and before turning vegan, doing my own gel nails. I bought an LED lamp online and various gel nail polishes from my local Sally Beauty store. Sadly, the brands I’ve bought historically aren’t vegan, but I think it’s worse to waste them so I’m making them way through them before I replace them.

My mobile beautician, Rebecca, solves my problem by using The Gel Bottle. She’s been giving me my vegan mani fix every now and then when I fancy a treat! Here is the statement on The Gel Bottle website about their products being vegan.

So for the wedding I attended the other day, I treated myself to a mani and a pedi in colours to match my bridesmaid dress. I let my nails grow offensively long so that I could benefit from my manicure (and also the laziness got to me).

The colour range that The Gel Bottle provides is incredibly extensive. Rebecca has so many colours to choose from, there were plenty for me to pick from to match with my dress.

The colours I chose were to fit in with the dress and shoes, so I went with Diva and Coffee Diamond. I loved them both on the swatches, and I loved them even more on me.

Make sure you keep a look out for beauticians and salons that use The Gel Bottle. My nails last for weeks (the only thing that makes me change them is the growth!) so it’s definitely worth the investment into a good manicure.


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