Maria Nila Stockholm

My best friend, Emily, is a serial subscriber to beauty boxes. She often gets cruelty free and vegan samples which she gives to me (because she really is the best). One day, she gave me a little gift bag full of goodies which included mini travel sized vegan shampoo and conditioner. Little did I know that this brand would change my haircare routine forever…

When browsing in my local Sally Beauty store, I came across Maria Nila again and I thought the branding looked familiar. It took me a while to register, but I took the plunge and treated myself to a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil.

Before turning vegan, I was a loyal user of TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes in Resurrection. It revived my hair after colour damage and smelt amazing. I thought I would never find anything to replace it, and along came Maria Nila. I purchased the Heal Shampoo and Conditioner to help with my itchy scalp.

The product was great quality and it smelt incredible. My scalp felt amazing afterwards and the dryness was removed after only a few uses.

Shortly afterwards, I started using the True Soft Argan Oil. It was bought to replace the Moroccan Oil that I always used to use. I use the Maria Nila oil it in the exact same way that I used Moroccan Oil and it’s a perfect replacement. Again, the product smells amazing and the ends of my hair remain frizz free for the foreseeable future!

After all this experimenting with shampoos and oils, I decided to venture further out and I purchased the Autumn Red Colour Refresh. It even came with a set of free gloves to protect my hands!

The photos above are of the product itself and a little selfie of me with my freshly dyed hair the next day (no filter!).

Colour Refresh is not a permanent hair colouring solution. It is semi-permanent and I used it purely as a top-up on my faded hair colour as it needed a bit of pop. It was easy to use and quick to apply (only 10 minutes). I washed off my hair and dried it and it was like I had a fresh new dye. The colour didn’t fade anywhere near as quickly as I anticipated and it’s in a nice easy to use pump bottle.

If you’re looking for a vegan haircare replacement, I highly recommend Maria Nila. Although on the pricier end of haircare, it is most certainly worth it. As I keep mentioning, the products really smell amazing, they’re highly moisturising and they’re honestly really worth it.


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