Iuvo Skincare

I received a lovely Iuvo Skincare gift box for my birthday from my partner’s mum and dad which I was pleasantly surprised by! I highly recommend a visit to their website for a full range of their products.

The smell from the box was gorgeous and it contained 5 full sized items: an activated charcoal soap, a rose geranium soap, a lemongrass deodorant bar, a sweet orange bath bomb, a rose geranium body butter cream and a vanilla lip balm. The box was beautifully presented, and had a little flyer informing me that the product has been recommended by Vogue magazine.

I’ve used almost everything in box at least once, and I can honestly say that I’ve loved everything that I’ve used so far.

My favourite product in the box was the Activated Charcoal Soap which I have been using as a facial cleansing bar every day. I lather it in my hands before rubbing it over my face and wiping it down with my Face Halo. It pulls off all of my make up and combined with my Face Halo, I’m left fresh faced every night.

The Rose Geranium Soap smells absolutely amazing and I used this over my body in the shower. The soap wasn’t too tightening on the skin like most soaps are, but I did need to moisturise afterwards but that’s to be expected. There were also little dried rose pieces in the soap which was a nice little bit.

The Rose Geranium Body Butter Cream is thick and creamy. I’ve been using it as a facial moisturiser and although it is quite thick and heavy, it is also highly absorbent and feels amazing on my skin. My natural skin is combination/oily, and admittedly I haven’t seen any sort of improvement on this (although I wasn’t expecting any), it also hasn’t made it worse which I find very common with rich creams.

My second favourite item in the box was the Vanilla Lip Balm! Again, another item that smells amazing. The pot it comes in is quite small, and for those with long nails, I do not recommend using your fingers to apply! (Get some sort of small applicant object if you can!). It feels lovely on the lips and as with the butter cream, very absorbent.

I can’t wait to use the bath bomb and the lemongrass deodorant bar, and if you’re lucky I’ll add to the post when I’ve finally used them to let you know my thoughts.

All the links for the products that I’ve written about are hyperlinked so click for each one. But honestly, if you’re looking for some new skincare, I do recommend Iuvo. It smells incredible and feels so rich but absorbent on the skin.


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